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The majority of websites are found through search engines. SEO is the process of improving the quality and relevancy of a site and thus optimize the content to match what searchers are looking for. Once a user arrives at your site and find what they are looking for, the objective is to get them to convert, for you to generate leads, ad revenue, or at least provide them with valuable information that enhances their web experience. Most people have no clue where they currently rank or what keywords they need to focus on. They also are unaware of their current web statistics or log files. We conduct analysis of these log files and determine which keywords people search for and where they currently come from. This information is helpful in determining your ongoing internet marketing strategy. ipvestorssm specializes in optimizing your website for better search engine placement, increased conversion, increased traffic, and an improved user experience. We offer in depth analysis of your website and work to achieve your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) needs. Once this website analysis is complete we go through a list of proven steps that are guaranteed to help improve your ranking and add value to your web presence. SEM and internet marketing combines SEO and PPC techniques such as online seo press releases, seo article writing, social media optimization, link baiting, link building, directory submissions, blog syndication, blog reviews, video SEO, email list building, online newsletters, RSS feeds, and other viral marketing techniques that utilize search engines and other online vehicles.

You simply can not afford to be left behind in your search engine rankings. We let you focus on running your business and we take care of your online presence and help you increase sales and strengthen your online brand. We have managed many SEO and SEM campaigns using our highly optimized process which consistently improves and adjusts to changes in industry trends and constantly adjust to changes in search engine algorithms and updates.

In addition to SEO and online marketing we offer consulting in ways to monetize websites and increase the value or domains and internet properties. ipvestors internet marketing offers a variety of SEO and SEM packages that are designed to fit varying needs of clients. We design our strategies to focus on both long term natural search engine optimization and placement as well as short term SEM services such as Pay Per Click (PPC) Management and the other viral marketing techniques previously mentioned. Feel free to contact us with your online internet marketing requirements.

ipvestorssm is an internet marketing and media company focussing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, domain acquisition, development, optimization, marketing, and monetization of quality domain names. The internet market is highly competitive and opportunities for profit are based on how much traffice your web site can get and how you rank for particular searches. Often times SEO campaigns are not optimized and inefficient and companies may even be targetting the wrong keywords. We also understand the value or keyword rich and memorable domain names. The domaining industry offers investors a great opportunity to earn high returns on investment unrivaled in any other industry today. ipvestorssm offers investors a means of diversifying their investment portfolio into an industry which is growing at phenominal rates. ipvestorssm recognizes that just like real estate, the domain industry is growing quickly every day. There are new tlds emerging and names are getting taken as we speak. This creates an opportunity for investors looking to invest today in names and develop those domains and turn around to sell them for great profits in the future. ipvestorssm has developed proprietary technology to identify, appraise, and assess valuable prospective domains. Through our knowledge, experience, and network of sites and partnership programs with advertisers, both internet and traditional, ipvestorssm offers website owners and domain investors a proven system for maximum monetization.

Through our system you will be able to consistently derive long term internet strategies which are viable and profitable.

    Maximum Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

    Search Engine Optimization SEO

  • SEO is both a science and an art and our team of internet marketing experts work with various SEO tools, employ strategies and proven SEO packages taking the time to understand your needs and work aggressively to achieve your goals
  • PPC Campaign Strategic Management

  • Our experience at managing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns allows us to work within a given budget while maximizing efficiency and driving results through calls for action and strategic unique landing pages
  • Domain Name and Website Property Acquisition

  • ipvestorssm finds and works on negotiating quality domains and domain portfolios. ipvestorssm offers domainers an opportunity to either sell or monetize their domain investments
  • Internet Property Development

  • ipvestorssm works on improving internet properties and websites through our team of marketing experts, designers, search engine optimization professionals, and software developers. We work to improve the look and feel of the site, add valuable professaionl content, add web services, and increase traffic to our properties. ipvestorssm has a proven system and strong partnerships which allow for rapid quality development of internet properties
  • Monetization and Online Promotion

  • ipvestorssm integrates monetization and promotion methods to maximize internet profitability of online properties with strong alliances with internet advertisers as well as traditional advertising groups